Frost, Work, and Booty

As we move through autumn there are also signs of winter. For us, this morning, it was waking up to a heavy frost and -2,5°C. But on the news we heard the first part of Sweden has officially entered winter. Somewhere far to the north the average temperature has stayed below 0 for 5 days in a row.
Early this morning (well, 08:30) we were off to the Lions flea market.  My job today was selling banana boxes filled with diverse goods. You could see what was at the top, and you could poke around a little but you couldn't take the lid off to see everything inside. A sort of large lucky dip at 50kr for 1 box, 100 kr for 3 boxes (50 kr = 4.9 Euros). Jan did really well with her box, getting lots of beautiful old textiles for 50 kr. She bought a lot of other stuff too, including 24 glasses, 8 x 3 different sizes. See the extra, taken at home after they were all washed.
As the frost shows it was not overly warm standing outside but we were all well dressed and fortified by a diet of strong coffee and hot dogs! Once the flea market was over the 2 tents had to come down and  everything that was left had to be carried back into our storage building, or left outside to go to the recycling centre. This was a good way of getting warm but by the time we got home exhaustion was beginning to set in, and the rest of my day has drifted by...

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