Early Morning

I was up and about relatively early to prepare for my weekend away.  No exotic destination ahead though but a weekend in Woking looking after my grandchildren while the parents are away for an anniversary break. I and the other grandparents are sharing the job.  The children are very easy to look after and it's good to get to spend a bit longer than normal with them.  They are all very busy - eldest has been out all day dancing and tomorrow is out again for a dance competition, another has been swimming this evening and has a competition tomorrow and another has been climbing.  It has needed a complete spreadsheet of what each child is doing where and when plus who is giving lifts or needs a 'taxi' so that us grandparents have a chance of coping!

So the early start meant that I got to see a very beautiful sky when I first looked outside.  The sun was rising through the mist across the fields over frosty grass and foliage; it did mean that I was a few minutes delayed as the camera had to be fetched. Plane trails were etched over the sky, criss-crossing all ways with not much blue between them - all very striking and photogenic. An extra of just the trails!

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