Double Take

This is a result from a great deal of faffing. My beautiful granddaughter posed for me this morning for a few head and shoulder portraits. I intended to create one of those optical illusions of the head looking both ways at once but it was harder than it looked to achieve; I have managed one reasonable effort. I then started to explore other ways of combining images using blends for a blip.  Interesting - and a normal headshot to show just how lovely she is.

I will persist another time to see if I can understand the process better - lots of layers and masks involved.

A very busy weekend for Anna and Emily. Anna, my model, was dashing out for another full day of competition dancing - that's her weekend gone. Emily was swimming Friday evening, most of Saturday and most of today - and there's another practice session tomorrow evening.  It's tough for the talented youngsters who still have to fit in academic studies. They will all be up early in the morning to get to school - and I'll need to make sure they get there.  Uniform washed and ready, bags packed, shoes located etc etc.

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