Pied Piper

I have had a superb day in Exeter on an Architectural Photo Day through the RPS.  The guy running the day was Nigel Hicks and he is an excellent tutor.  Exeter is a long way from Aylesbury so we travelled down last night (3.5 hours) and stayed at a brilliant AirB&B.  We have driven home this evening through the rain and mist.  We had lots of tips throughout the day - just enough for what we individually needed - and were also encouraged to follow our own ideas and inclinations.  This bridge is a real challenge to photograph well - I think I was lucky in capturing the micro-nano-second when there was no one else walking through and the busker was posed correctly; he had been playing a penny whistle badly, so I thought of him as the Pied Piper!  I'll add in a couple of extras of Exeter Cathedral and some modern architecture (looking up).

At the Cathedral there was a wedding - very classy and stylish - I wouldn't want to be picking up the bill for that!

Thank you to everyone for your support with Pepper - I know it will work out in the end and blipper Damnonii has been especially supportive (she is going through the same ordeal). I also know there is nothing like an obedient and loving dog, which is why we will work at this and be determined to succeed. It is hard work though.

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