By seizetheday

G is for Glaw

Holiday backblip 7

Glaw = rain. Torrential rain! All day.
But no matter. We had arranged to meet MrM's sister Fran and her grandson H, who live in a small village near Llandeilo. We travelled cross country, and and discovered (not for the first time this holiday) that you cannot navigate rural roads in Wales with an AA road atlas alone! It was thanks to Google maps on the mobile that we found Fran's abode. Good to catch up with her after several years. We all travelled in to Llandeilo and, as soon as H came out of school it was tea and cake in a very nice cafe. Stupidly, I didn't take any photos of F or H, so it was a late-evening emergency blip!

The poster hangs on the kitchen wall in our holiday cottage - the Welsh alphabet. Welsh has been the subject of many conversations with MrM this week. He went to university in Bangor and lived in Wales for about 10 years; during that time , he learned quite a lot of Welsh. All this week, he's been trying to improve my pronunciation of Welsh place names. I'm trying, but after several decades of mispronunciation, it's not that easy to change!

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