The road ahead

The holiday starts here!

An early start on a gloriously sunny morning, more like mid-summer than late September.

Lunch at Johnny Baghdad’s in Masham, then through the Dales to Otley, and on to Leeds. On the way we had no choice but to pull over for quite a while to allow this huge flock of sheep to pass by!

Eventually dumped our things at the hotel, and went to meet Lucy (extra) at the MA Fine Art exhibition - very good to see her work, and where she’s spent a lot of time during the past 2 years.

When the exhibition closed for the evening, we all walked to the Reliance to meet up with Tom and Jake for a meal and a drink or two. Much too soon it was time to say goodbye, and MrM and I walked back to the hotel. Hopefully we’ll see Tom, Lucy and Jake again before too long.

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