Tiny Tuesday . . . Celebrating 175 Days

It was a lovely morning to go hunting for something tiny in the garden.  I had an ant but it's antennae were fuzzy.  I had a honey bee but I've done that before.  I had blue stamen on an Iris but it was this white Kakabeak flower that won.  It is a rare plant in the wild but popular as a garden plant. The curving petals are fabulous hanging down with their creamy whiteness against little green leaves.  I brought this one inside and put it on the black top of the fireplace.  When I moved it I noticed yellow pollen but couldn't see where it came from.   I prized one flower open and found there are several fine stamen.  I think macro photography should reveal to us something usually unseen.  So here are petals and the stamen from this lovely native flower to celebrate TT175.
What a wonderful idea Walking Wombat had to start this challenge.    

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