Windy miller

This is the Black Mill on Beverley Westwood looking decidedly in the pink today due to some lovely safety netting. Some very being done to the collapsed roof, which is great, but ... pink??!!

We collected Poppydog from s-i-l and b-i-l where she had been thoroughly indulged. No obvious inclination to greet us ecstatically, but then I wasn't offering biscuits. She has really got her priorities sorted. Extra is LH and family on a windy Westwood!

We've come up to stay near Scarborough as a little mini break. I can't believe I've been coming to Yorkshire for 34+ years (ie family trips to Hull) and have never seen the Wolds (beautiful) or visited the North Yorkshire Moors. We have little time to do much but at least we could consider visiting properly some time.

We managed to see Nunnington Hall on our journey up, which was rather pleasant. It's 'famed' for it's collection of miniature rooms (no, not dolls' houses, just weeny rooms) furnished and decorated to 1/8 original size. The detail was mindblowing; the lady of the house, who couldn't think of a better way to spend her money, commissioned craftsmen to produce these exquisite objects. LH's back started hurting so we didn't really linger anywhere long. I preferred the large walled garden with raucous peacock! And the exquisite Durham wholecloth quilt, 200 years old (extra)

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