... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Mount Pond: Take-Off Double Take

More dynamic in large.
Exposure 1 & Exposure 2

More in camera multiple exposure experimentation, and I tried different blend modes today, so have even more ideas to explore... Also photographed the Cayuga when it followed the mallards over.
Others here (or right from here)

BUT, more importantly, I've started/finished back-blipping my Menorca pics:
Day 1: Garden Colours
Day 2: Revisiting the Post-Fire Scene
Day 3: After the Fiesta
Day 4: Pipet & Co.
Day 5: Hummingbird Hawk-moth in Flight
Day 6: Catch of the Day
Day 7: Trotting is Hilarious
Day 8: Monte Toro Moments
Day 9: Wall Lizard on Fence
Day 10: Running for the Red Arrows
Day 11: Poblat Talaiotic de Torrellafuda
Day 12: Museu de Menorca
Day 13: Lloc de Menorca
Day 14: Son Ganxo (Hockney Version)
Day 15: Far de Cavalleria
Day 16: Fornells
Day 17: Last Sunrise
Menorca 2018 Main Set (Other sets: SunrisesPanoramasFaunaZoo)

p.s. I'd better not post any extras/links for the next 100 years...

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