The Roman Bridge

We took a trip into Exeter today for some TKMaxx type shopping. Just across the bridge from there is the remains of the old roman bridge but there's some flooding defence work going on and it seemed like they were completely blocking off access. We decided to go into the town centre so I got Lady Marian to drop me off in Fore Street so I got there from the other side. I've often seen it from the road on the way out of town but never investigated it before and I found there to be more to see than I'd thought.

Although Devon was a Roman settlement and it's thought there was a wooden structure crossing the Exe, this bridge is thought to be medieval from the 12th century. 8 1/2 arches remain out of a likely 17 so it was an immense bridge. the river is thought to have been much wider and shallower than it is today and was still tidal at that time. My picture is taken from the norther end of the bridge and shows on of the towers. I'm not sure what it was but there were thought to be several chapels on the bridge.

I rejoined Marian and was successful in buying a suit. Sadly, she was less successful with her intended purchases.

You can see some more pics of the bridge here if you'd like to see them.

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