Quiz time

I left work at 4 today and drove straight to Cambridge, arriving at 6. The sun was low and very bright, shining straight at me, so I had to drive quite slowly (for a dual carriageway anyway)

Unloaded my bags (I’ve got loads of stuff again, and I really didn’t mean to!) So now I’m going through it to see what I really need, and what can be left at Karen’s. Karen has checked the weather and we may get a shower Saturday (pac a mac goes everywhere with me, so that’s ok) but generally it’s going to be nice. So decision one is, I unpack my fleece jacket and just take my thin leather jacket.

Karen cooked dinner and has gone out to a pre arranged meeting - which means she has left me and Neil to talk. We are both pretty good at that. Neil is preparing a quiz for tomorrow. He is good at devising quizzes and has just tested it on me. I was rubbish and embarrassingly so. But it was only Neil and I so it doesn’t matter. As I haven’t blipped him for a while, today with this flag ( a quiz question) seemed like a good time. I got the answer wrong, by the way!

We are meeting Joanne at 9am at Cambridge station so Neil is kindly giving us a lift. Another weekend away...lucky me. Boys, if you are reading this, please remember to feed the chickens!

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