Dover Eastern Docks

What a super day. Weather was excellent, warm and sunny. A good walk along the White Cliffs of Dover from the National Trust Vistors Centre to St Margaret's Bay and back with friends Dennis and Irene. It just could not be bettered.

We had an excellent lunch, mine finished off with the second cheese scone of the day, at the Pines Cafe at St Margaret's. We've been passed the place several times, this was the first time we've called in.

High Pressure meant that the visibility, although good, prevented us from seeing the coast of France and a temperature inversion trapped pollution beneath a layer of cold air, nevertheless the views were spectacular with lots of shipping in the Channel and, as always, the Eastern Docks were a hive of activity. Unusually, a ferry made an exit through the Western Docks exit, the first time in all the years I've been down here that I've seen that happen.

It looks as if the weather will be wet tomorrow and much cooler, just in time to watch a referee in the afternoon. Meant to be warming up next week again although I'll miss it as I'm travelling to California on Tuesday to see Landon, Chris and De'Shaun on the occasion of Landon's first birthday.

The extra is on St Margaret's Bay beach where these eager dogs were awaiting their ball to be thrown. Shortly after this the lady threw the ball into the sea  chased madly and enthusiastically by them all

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