We woke around 8. After chatting in our pjs for a while we got ready for our day in Canterbury, and headed in to town. It was much cooler today, and we went prepared for rainy weather. We started at the tourist information, and after checking out a pottery exhibition we bought tickets for the Canterbury Tales tour, which was located in another building in the city. We went from there to the building in St Margarets street and booked our time slot for later on. It was a 45 minute experience and we knew it woukd rain in the afternoon so we booked for 3.15 then went to the cafe next door called Tiny Tim's for a tea/coffee and cheese scone lunch. It was lovely. The food, company and atmosphere. The building was built in the 1600s and had a huge amount of history. We had a nose around upstairs (they encouraged you to) and discovered it is the most haunted building in Canterbury. Lots of original features and interesting facts about the building, posted on the wall in a little room at the top of the building, where we took this selfie. Can you see any ghosts? No neither can I. I was hoping there would be a fuzzy something in the background, bad sadly not!

After a bit of shopping in little shops, in particular a shop with amazing Christmas advent calendars. We all bought several. Then at 3.15 we went back to the ex church (I guess it may have been St Margarets) which has been transformed into a Jorvik centre type experience, where we are pilgrims travelling from London to Canterbury. I was really impressed with how it had been set into a church, and seemed to meld in. There were a couple of actors but mostly the stories ( 5 of Chaucer tales) were told via telephone things they gave us to listen to as we went from room to room. It was enjoyable, although if you were paying for a whole family, a bit pricey.

It was raining steadily when we came out so we went back to the apartment, via Waitrose where we bought dinner, wine and nibbles for the evening.

We've eaten now, watched Strictly and are now settli g down for a film. A great day again with some of my best friends. I've added a few extras from the day.

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