... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ross'sling Flapping

More dreamy and dynamic in large.
Extra: Tiny Tatiana
Alternative: Profile of a cow goose

My mother and I went to see the Ross'sling at St. James's Park: it has almost no brown juvenile plumage now, although its primaries are still barred rather than continuously black... I enjoyed photographing them against the colourful reflections of the bridge over the lake.
En route back to the car, we stumbled across the regular bird feeders feeding the parakeets and Tatiana the blue tit; they were giving seed to passers-by , so many were enjoying getting close to the colourful parakeets.
Probably not my favourite photo photographically, but the Ross'sling and colours made it my pick: other favourites included Flapping cygnet, Dominant swan (or B&W birds), Mother Ross's goose with family beyond, Mother Ross's goose's funny face, Parakeet swooping in, or Blue tit taking food.

Others here (or right from Big cygnet flapping)

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