Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Above the Mist - Fishley Rover Bridge

Still trying to improve my drone photography when the conditions challenge the sensor.  This was a case in point with the sun about to rise, while the foreground was still in pre-dawn conditions.  I used the HDR setting to take the photograph, but it does make the image a tad noisier than I like.  Still it was an amazing sunrise and the mist only added to the mystery of the scene.

I've just order a graduated neutral density filter for the drone's camera.  It should at least give me a bit more control over the sky exposure on days like this.

Later in the day we headed up to the Weston park Horse Trials.  I've got hundreds thousands of images from previous events so I was trying to get something a little different.  I started by taking extreme close ups of the riders and horses - worked quite well but the abiding impression you get from the expressions of the riders is one of apprehension, maybe even fear as they jump the fences.  So I was quite chuffed when we came across this small section through the woods and an opportunity to take some panning shots.  I need more practice at this sort of thing, i only got about a 20% success rate and the extra was the clearest of the rider as she sped through the trees.

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