Terrible Beauty

There are two refineries in Anacortes, WA and they add a fairy tale look to the view towards Mount Baker. My feelings are mixed about having refineries in our neighborhood. First, we use power and it has to come from somewhere. Second, I understand that these local refineries do the best they can to keep the pollutants down. Third, they do impact the environment and provide fuel for increasing the warming of our atmosphere. Fourth, their products and their resources travel by train and there have been real problems with that. 

But I digress... today was a delightful day. Shelly and I drove down Chuckanut Drive to Edison where we visited Smith Vallee Galery and one of my favorite eateries, Tweets. And we stopped at Indigo Dreams to visit with one of my favorite people in town. She makes amazing felted and dyed clothing and other items. I bought some cool indigo dyed socks and Shelly almost bought a beautiful hanging made by her sister. I put a photo of her shop in the extras.

We left town and headed towards Anacortes to meet my brother Dave and my sister-in-law Nora for dinner. We had some extra time so we took a walk at Padilla Bay and then continued our drive to Anacortes. The four of us talked and then went to Anthony's for dinner. We took a walk together along the waterfront before dinner. That's where I took this photo. Dexter the Havenese came along for the walk. He is such a cutie. He waited patiently in the car while we ate. 

After dinner Shelly and I headed back to Bellingham. I dropped him off and then worked awhile on my travel book about Africa. It was a delightful day.

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