I've no idea whether these come out at a certain time of the year, but it seems to me that there are a lot of them about, waiting to let their delicate seeds float off into the big wide yonder, as spring really takes off here.

It was a cruel and unusual punishment, having to get up at 5:45 (which thanks to daylight saving, felt like 4:45 to me) this morning. I fumbled around, walked the dog, got his lunch ready and then set off for school. Little Miss had just about woken up by the time I left.

I had a good day at school. My throat is sore from all the talking I did. Maybe I need to have a quiet 'teaching' day tomorrow. It shouldn't be too hard, as I only have one lesson! I had three today.

Home for another walk with Abe and then off to pick Little Miss up from basketball training. 

I'm going to make a start on dinner now and am looking forward to going to bed.


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