By Barking

TT228 - Native

I'm not sure if this ant is native or if you'd really consider it tiny, but it is definitely not big and the gum flowers were really small compared to others I've seen. That's what caught my eye; the ant was a bonus. On further inspection, I realised that there were ants all over the flowers; there must be something there they like.

A full on day at work, a brief dog walk (Abe hurt my neck, pulling to get to another dog - we're off to obedience class on Saturday), some photography bumbling, throwing the ball for Abe, more photography bumbling, getting my bike in the car ready for tomorrow's ride ... Now I'm about to get dinner on before our 8 pm committee meeting via Skype for the upcoming Pilgrimage. It's felt like a short day, packed with lots of stuff.

I'd better get the dog and child fed - it's 7:45 pm! Daylight saving always throws me out a bit.

Thanks to all those participating in this week's Tiny Tuesday. I look forward to seeing all your images.


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