In flagrante

Back to school this morning. Up at 5:45 (which was actually 4:45 thanks to daylight saving!). Then off for a walk with Abe. I left home at around 6:50 for school. 

The kids were chatty (to be expected after the break), but pretty good considering. 

Then home to get Little Miss to basketball practice. Instead of going in, like Mr B does, I opted for good use of time, and walked Abe while she was in there. We were fortunate enough to meet three other dogs a similar size to Abe and they played, and played, and played. Abe is now exhausted and patiently waiting for his dinner.

On our return, I spent a few minutes photographing this pair. Little Miss thought it was a bit odd and disgusting that I would want to watch them, but I just found it fascinating. These tiny flies are just little dots to the naked eye, but are perfectly made and doing what they were intended to do. They are having a good munch on my daisies, mind you, but that's a small price to pay, I guess. I was chastising another teeny fly for hovering over them, when I realised that I was doing much the same thing, only with a camera, which I guess makes it worse!

There's a bit of shadow underneath them and under the leaf, but really I'm clutching at straws! The extra is the colour version.

I'm about to make dinner and feed Abe now. Little Miss is already stuck into her Maths homework (I'm sure they get more than we ever did!)

Oh, and Tiny Tuesday tomorrow is to be tagged TT228 and has the optional theme of 'native'. Interpret it as you will.


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