Abstract leaf

I haven't stopped today. I got home at about 6:20 pm and left the house at 6:45 am. It's been go, go, go all day.

A quick 27 km bike ride with the kids after school. Actually, there wasn't much that was quick about it; I was tail end Charlie and the kids were going soooooo slowly, it was painful, especially when they braked just before the ascents. What a waste of all that downward momentum!

Still, it was good to get in some exercise. The lovely Little Miss walked and fed Abe, fed Nikau, brought in the bins and got her homework done. She's pretty awesome. What a great kid.

I found this leaf while on yard duty at lunchtime. I thought it looked quite interesting. The light isn't great, but it still makes for a neat reflection.

I'm going to tidy up and then chill out for the next couple of hours before bedtime. Oh, and put on a load of washing, mustn't forget to do that.


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