An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Warm glow...

A day of home admin.  I'm always taken by surprise at how long a few phone calls and some online correspondence takes.  Of course not helped by pausing for coffee and a slice of cake and some rubbish afternoon tv! 

We also made a start on clearing boxes out of the study and have managed to finally unpack and put away our wedding china and David's mum's wedding tea set that was packed away safely when we started the building work in 2016.

Eleanor and I were talking about wedding china when she was here just over a week ago, and she told me she'd had a conversation with my niece Jennifer about wedding china during which it became apparent that Jen had no concept of wedding china and why you would have it.  I suppose that's another wedding/marriage tradition that is dying out along with the show of presents (not sorry about that.  That was hideous) and the bride's going-away outfit.  

A quick dinner of pizza before David headed off to singing rehearsal and I have settled down to watch The Great British Menu and now Great British Bake Off.  Vegan week.  Should be interesting.

Today's blip is one of the millions of autumn leaves that blow in the hallway every time the front door is open.  It would appear easy access doesn't just apply to wheelchairs! 

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