Wild statues

Bali has some extraordinary arts and crafts, and whole villages specialise in certain arts. This row of stone carved statues was taken from the car on the way to Ubud. Workshop after workshop with statues like these were lined along the road. The trouble is that Bali has had some very bad years after the bomb attacks of 2002 and 2005 and the tsunami of 2004 and just when things were looking up again and tourism was on the rise the volcano Mount Agung woke last year and disrupted much of tourism too (we were actually on Bali too when the last eruption occurred!). So these statues may have been out there for a long long time ! Then again, however beautiful, they do weigh a ton and it isn't exactly the thing you pop in your luggage as souvenir ! I thought these were pretty wild with their animal figurines, so here's an entry for WildWednesday with thanks to Cailleach for hosting.

Remember tomorrow it's Abstract Thursday with tag AT172 and optional theme 'architectural' !

The extra is an image of the pretty flower gifts we got as a welcoming gift at the villa resort in Ubud.

Thanks so much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's frangipani with drops. The garden in this new villa has all kind of flowery delights :-) More to follow in the coming days

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