Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


to The Tyne Bridge.

One of seven bridges crossing the River Tyne the Grade II listed bridge was officially opened on 10 October 1928 by King George V and has since become a defining symbol of the North East. The King and Queen were first to cross the bridge, as thousands of people lined the streets for the opening ceremony. School children were given the day off to mark the occasion.  Construction of the bridge started in August 1925 using shipbuilding techniques by local shipyard workers and was regarded as a valuable trial for the Sydney Harbour Bridge. At the time of its construction the Tyne Bridge was the world’s longest span bridge. Nowadays over 70,000 vehicles use the bridge each day as it's one of the busiest routes into the city.  The Tyne Bridge is also a key part of the annual great North Run as 54,000 runners pass over the bridge accompanied by a display from the Red Arrows.

I love all the bridges across the Tyne but the Tyne Bridge is my favourite. 

I have tageed my blip for Wide Wednesday even though it doesn't fit todays theme. ( which was  " closed " )   I just had to blip the Tyne Bridge on its birthday.  ( I have given my shot a 1960's feel )

I am feeling much less stressed today.  I went to Gateshead to get my nails sorted.  Decided  that gel manicures are not for me - I can't risk the lacquer chipping off while I'm away so I had it all soaked off and just got a clear basecoat in its place.

Since I got home I have been ticking chores off my list and I have made good - ish progress.

Its been lovely weather today which helped to make me happier.  Its been warm and sunny and the nasty strong wind has dropped. 

Steps today - 10,028

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