By ciorstain

Summer for a day?

What a wonderful day it was outside - 21 degrees at some point.
What a shame that I had to work.
Dougie was around for the flat and I kinda jumped from call to call.
I made it out before 4 pm aiming for a coffee and a walk.
I ended up starting to talk with a guy on Queen Margaret Drive and we ended up at Sara's enjoying the sunshine and a coffee.
He just recently moved back here from China after teaching English there for 3 years.
Now back in Glasgow finding his feet. He has studied law then psychology. Quite interesting person to chat to.
In the end I spent 2 hrs there and went straight back home to finish work.
I am flying to Amsterdam tomorrow morning 6 am - I really do not like this flight but nothing else makes sense when not staying over night.

I finished work, have caught up with my blips!!!! and have packed.
It will be a long day tomorrow.

Blipping a Queen Margaret Drive shot, as I did not get any further ........
Andersson's are renovating since Christmas, I wonder if they will ever open again. Missing my local green grocer!

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