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5 years!

My 1825th blip - 5 years of daily photographs!
As I’m sure other blippers who put up a picture for every day would agree, it’s not always easy. Some days aren’t so photo friendly, or the inspiration doesn’t arrive, or I just plain forget until late in the evening. So I started considering the reasons why I do it, and in no particular order…
* It’s a diary, albeit an illustrated one. I’ve always taken photographs - my first job was in the Kodak factory in Wealdstone - so a photographic diary was more-or-less a given.  I recognised the words of Anne Bogel, quoted in one of amandoAlentejo’s blips; ... a good photo album preserves two kinds of histories: the chronological and the emotional. The reminder of both what happened and what it meant to you.
I try to use Blip to tell my future self, and at the same time anyone following me today, what I did and how I was feeling.  Actually, that’s often more of an aim than what really happens.
* It’s a discipline, and I need a few of those to stop me just lounging about all day. And it’s a creative discipline, and I need creativity around me to stop me getting bored (and just lounging about all day).
* Speaking of creativity, Blip provides me with plenty of examples to inspire me. Sometimes the creativity is in the picture itself, for example Lynnfot,  and sometimes the pictures are of creativity, as in bighill's picture here.
* New friends - Blip lets me meet people I wouldn’t otherwise meet. Some are acquaintances, who I’m happy meet now and again, others seem to have become real friends who I really look forward to seeing most days, and then there’s the blippers who we’ve actually met up with in person and visit whenever we get the chance.
At this stage I realise I’ve bitten off more than I can handle here so my reasons for blipping will now be a two part blip. Part 1 ends here with a backblip for yesterday, showing Rose and Jan before film studio, where we saw the wonderful British black comedy - The Party!
Part 2 will be tomorrow’s blip…

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