Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Surprised by sky

I was, quite literally, on the point of uploading a photo to blip - a photo of a can of Mr Sheen polish sitting on the altar rail of our church - when I felt rather than saw a glow from the window to my right. That window faces east, and is the source of all my ships on the Firth photos, but I grabbed my real camera and chased through to the back of the house and was just in time to catch this flaming wonder before it faded.

It says volumes about my day that the intended photo was a highlight - unless you count the unphotogenic achievement of writing a sermon for Sunday. It sounds like a day of holy toil, but in fact it was a day of gloom outside and in, and of vying for silence in the study I share with the musician who is Mr PB. I shall put the photo I cobbled together from the church as an extra, so that it doesn't offend my Facebook arachnophobic friends, post this and call it a day.

I can smell curry, and there's some chilled Chablis before I have it ...

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