Washing Up.

I've done a lot of that just lately, and it would have been more had Brian not done his fair share! With all the serious cooking I have been doing, every pot and pan in the house has been used - sometimes all at the same time!

Today I was washinng up. I'd run a little water into the bowl, squirted in washing up liquid, and then had to go and deal with something else . I turned the tap off quickly, leaving it dripping a little. When I returned I saw these bubbles! I liked the shape and colours of them and took a photo!

Most of my day has involved housework today. The place looks a bit better, but I could spend hours before it looked how I'd like it to. A skip would probably be needed too!

I did get a little break before work today at least! It wasn't busy tonight - the quietest Friday for a while! Enough for Lee and I to manage comfortably!

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