Twa Kilties.

It’s not every day you go to buy the papers at 8am and find two kilties standing outside your path. I asked if I could take their picture while enquiring if they were so dressed for a ‘stag do’. Not a bit of it. They were the owners of the ‘Kilted Piper Tours’ of Scotland waiting for their tour group to exit from their hotel.
With the rain tipping down like it hasn’t done for months and with no obvious let up, I hope they find some bit of bonnie Scotland that looks the least bit bonnie today. But what a fine Sporran is that. It almost makes up for the lack of the other one.

The heavy rain forced David and Luca on to a bus to get here for lunch and they were still soaked. They are newly back from a flying visit to Budapest where the sun shone all week. It would be no surprise me if Luca threw in the towel and headed back home. I couldn’t blame her.

The rain was still falling when they left and my stepdaughter arrived to talk business with His Lordship. It was time for me to make a discreet exit and take back an impulse buy to M&S.

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