a lifetime burning

By Sheol


I acknowledge that this will be a pretty scary shot (sorry if its put you off your meal), but I thought that it was worth taking as I'm definitely on the road back from the Bells Palsy. 

The paralysis is definitely gradually reducing.  This evening I even managed to (sort of) independently close my left eye for the first time in over a week - it doesn't look much like a wink, as yet, but it is such an improvement that I'm delighted.  Small steps - but it fills me with positive hopes for a reasonably speedy recovery.

As you can see from this slightly misfocused attempt at a cheery smile (!) I still have a way to go before I won't be scaring small children and animals.  :-))

I am also still feeling exhausted - post viral I suspect, and still feeling the effect tapering away at the cortical steroids.  So plenty of taking it easy still, but its easier to do now that the light that I've been told was at the end of this tunnel is perhaps not so far away after all.

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