a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Road to recovery

Another selfie I am afraid - but this is a pretty typical shot of my days at present: guitar playing and listening to music or audiobooks.  Its not so bad - I don't think I've put in quite as much time on the guitar as this for many years - and my playing is responding to the practice.  

Having said all of that, the other thing I'm doing is spending a chunk of the day asleep - I'm definitely post viral.  But all this taking it easy is definitely helping my recovery.

The left eye is starting to improve - it has been better today although I'm  still not quite at the stage when I can do much in the way of reading or screen work - it is still too watery and hard to focus.   I shall need to tape the eye shut at bed time for a few nights more yet I think.  Speaking of which - its time to go and do exactly that... 

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