a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Deep Purple

Flower Friday 12: Deep Purple

The end of a trying week - although it has to be said, I did feel a lot better today than earlier on this week.  A later finish from work this evening as I have next week off, so needed to make sure that I'd put contingency plans in place for anything that might arise next week.

As a result it was a bit dark in the garden when I decided to try to find a Flower Friday blip. I've initially taken this shot with flash. However, I've then taken the produced picture into AffinityPhoto and given this shot a similar treatment to that applied to yesterday's black eyed Susan.  I rather like the neon-like end result and I hope that you do too.

Cathy and I have some plans for the next week and I'm not sure how blip friendly they will be.  I may end up back blipping depending upon how things work out ....

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