Capital adventures

By marchmont

London Town

Surprisingly I slept but awoke to hear we were heading for 'No deal'. Such madness.

On Mondays the sleeper arrives early so I had to queue for the opening of the Virgin Lounge. And then to work.

Agile working in the office punctuated by 3 meetings and lunch. I kept getting 'congratulations' from colleagues.  there was also a damp walk to Houndsditch to find I couldn't make a deposit so a trek back up to NatWest. Then, after a look at shoes (sparkly red), a quick dash up west for a mediocre meal in an Angus Steak House (with the London Film Festival next door) and a hilarious evening at The Book of Mormon. I'd seen it before but I still enjoyed it.

Back to the East End, and bed.

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