By spannarama


Think this is an anniversary blip - six years I think.  Seems fairly fitting to use a photo from the Barbican, seeing as that's where I get about half of my shots.

I pretty much literally didn't know whether I was coming or going this morning.  I was due to be going to Somerset to see my Mum in hospital, but she'd been told yesterday that she was going to be moved to a community hospital nearer to home (and miles away from Taunton, where I'd bought my ticket to) today, so I didn't want to miss her while she was in between the two.  About five minutes before I was due to leave for the train, I decided it was probably best to leave it until tomorrow instead - and Mum agreed.  Spoke to my sister, who said she could ferry me about from Castle Cary station tomorrow, bless her - so that was it, I gave up on the visiting idea (for now) and went into work instead.  (Bit late, as you can tell from this photo I took on the way.)

So tired today, after a late one last night (still need to back-blip that, but I only got one crap photo, on my phone) - but had a super productive day at work, getting various things done which had to be finished by the end of this week.  Even managed a quick trip to the post office to return a parcel - and had a lovely lunch out with Char, too, at Carnevale on Whitecross Street.  Stayed late to finish a last couple of jobs, then locked up the building and headed home to Tim (who worked from home today, still feeling coldy).

Caught up on the Apprentice this evening, then attempted to catch up on photos too.  Bed now!

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