A Rose

a rose, is a rose
even when its beginning
to be tatty, going

For Flower Friday, with thanks to Biker Bear, Anni!

What a beautiful day, I couldn't not go out, so off I headed to Basildon Park intending to blip an autumnal blip - but I couldn't resist the stunning roses in the rose garden, even now in autumn they maybe tatty ,but they are still stunning!

Then this afternoon I picked up my friend K to bring her back home with me, so she could meet Charlie :)  Poor K has lost sight in one eye after getting very stressed out due to her partner's heart attack a few weeks ago.  Thankfully A is much better now and able to to drive again.  K is waiting for an MRI to see how much damage has been done....  

It was great to catch up, and Charlie enjoyed the extra attention too - now she's fast asleep next to me as I'm sorting photos out from today, more in flickr later :)

(my pictures from Wednesday's trip to London are all in flickr too :))

Happy Friday folks :)

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