An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Fire in the sky...

Backblipped 20.10.18

Had planned to get up early but when the alarm went off I pressed off instead of snooze and woke up two and a half hours later!  David, the sweetheart, had got up, showered and crept out even though he knew I had planned to get up as he thought he'd get peace without me being in the kitchen the sleep would do me good.

Had a lovely lunch with friend and ex-work colleague Alison.  It was the first time she had met Lola and they were a big hit with each other.  Lola even tried to sit on Alison's knee!  We chatted non stop and were still going strong after 5pm when Alison had to leave.  We mustn't leave it too long  before we get together again.

I had a cuddle session with Lola before she went to doggy house boarder Evelyn's house.  She is staying there till Monday as David is off to Newcastle in the morning.  

A quick dinner of pizza and salad then David disappeared upstair to pack his overnight bag.  Fortunately he checked his train time tomorrow morning and discovered that instead of the train leaving Gleneagles station at 10.30, it was now a bus service to Edinburgh and the bus would be leaving the station at 9.20am! 

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