An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Losing light...

David was up and gone just as I got up.  

Got a text from him saying there were three coaches waiting at Gleneagles station to take passengers to Waverley station in Edinburgh.  He got on the first one and it set of right on time.  David was the only one on the coach and there were half way down the A9 when the driver spotted him.  He'd though the coach was empty!  I think he was almost at the bus depot rather than the station!

I was surprised at how bright it was this morning and thought I would get out and about with the camera but by lunch time the weather had dulled and the light was pretty dull.  

As I ate lunch I asked myself for the umpteenth time, what do you buy a 90 year old lady for her birthday?  I've been thinking about it for weeks and although I've had loads of ideas, almost as soon as they came into my head I dismiss them for one reason or another, but whilst eating lunch I had a eureka moment. I remembered that the last time we were at Broadslap they had some lovely cashmere poncho style scarves and thought that would be perfect.  Not as fiddly as a cardigan but slightly more than a scarf. 

I headed to Broadslap after lunch hoping they would still have them in stock otherwise I would be turning up at her birthday afternoon tea tomorrow without a gift!  

As I parked the car at Broadslap, there was an urgent knocking on the car window that made me jump!  It was my friend Gill with her daughter in law and two granddaughters.  They were there to pick their hallowe'en pumpkins.  Had a quick chat then I headed into the coffee shop and the headed to the muddy fields.

The coffee shop was mobbed (great to see) so I didn't stop for coffee and headed straight to look for the gift.  I was relieved to see they still had some  in stock and not only that, there was one in a beautiful pale lilac, Ishbel's favourite colour.  I also bought a lovely reed diffuser air freshener to add to the gift.  Ishbel loves scented candles but doesn't like to light them anymore (she still lives on her own.  A very independent 90 year old) so I thought the reed diffuser was a good alternative.

Got back and was surprised to find Alan at home.  Jordan and him had planned to go out but in the end he decided a tv day was in order.  He was in a very happy mood though as Shelley, who's been off ill for a few weeks,  is due back on Monday and he can't wait to see her.  

I was very good and took myself upstairs and did a pile of ironing.  Another tick on the to do list.  Now time for some supper and a blip catch up.


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