An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Green Leaves...

Lola woke us at at 7.45am barking as she was desperate to get out to do her business.  Not surprised as she was too tired to go out last night after her marathon runaround with Boris.

The French Polishers visited this morning to look at the water damage on the dressing table and bedside table in the spare room.  A lovely Italian father and son combo.  Thankfully they are sure they can fix the damage but will have to take the items to their workshop.  Fine by me, I am just relieved they can be repaired.

Alan, Ally and Ashleigh headed off to Amazonia at Strathclyde Park and David and I took Lola to McRosty Park in Crieff.  This is the first time she's been there and was very excited by the new sights and smells.  Every leaf had to be investigated.   

As she is much better travelling in the car we came home the back road so I could take some photos of the autumn colours.  Turns out that was a bit too much for her as she was a little bit sick just before we reached the driveway.  

She has been a wee angel today after her tearaway antics yesterday.  She wanted to play fetch with us both this evening and took it in turns to bring her toy to each of us.  So cute.

Alan had a great time at Amazonia.  Worried that he seems to like reptiles and snakes.  Yuk!   Willie the painter will finish off painting his bedroom tomorrow and over the weekend we can hopefully put that end of the house back together again.

A relaxing evening till David knocked over his wine glass (empty thankfully) in the garden room and it smashed to smithereens on the tiled floor.  Luckily Lola was sleeping at my feet and not beside David.  D put her lead on and I held her back as he cleared up the mess.  I was terrified she'd get a bit of glass in her paw so the whole area has been swept, mopped and hoovered.  

Never a dull moment! 

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