An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Conked Out!

Vaguely heard the alarm going off at 7.15 this morning but not a peep from Lola.  The next time I stirred half an hour had passed and David had come back in the room for his specs.  He'd checked Alan, had taken Lola out to do her business and had left her her eating breakfast so everything under control and no need for me to get up at the precise moment.  Music to my ears so I cosied under the quilt, conked out in seconds and slept till 9.45am.  First lie in I have had in weeks!  :-))

The rest of the day has been Lola centred as life is these days.  Lots of playing fetch and tickling.  At one point she ran and jumped right onto my lap and was literally smothering me in kisses.  It was so lovely.  

Oh and if anyone was in any doubt how as to just how much of an impact this little Golden fur ball has had on our lives, we have traded in our much loved new car for an Audi Estate!   I thought I would be really sad to see it go but it just isn't practical and we love this little puppy so much, it makes us happier knowing we will soon have a car that meets all our needs.  It's in Carlisle so a wee day trip will be in order.  

Alan's spent the day in Edinburgh with Ally and Ashleigh.  Went into the Edinburgh Dungeon but he didn't like it so they left and got a refund and went for a wander instead.  Thank heavens he has a power chair.  Don't fancy shoving a manual chair up the Royal Mile!  

Blipping early today as Agnes and Adrian coming up this evening so need to get my skates on and get the lasagne made.  

I have promised myself a proper blip catch up tomorrow afternoon.

Happy Saturday Peeps :) xx

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