An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sunset on the Tay...

I shall confess, I did not take this photo, David did.

He was driving over the Tay Bridge on his way home from work and almost drove off the edge of it, so enthralled he was by the sunset.  

The sweetheart knew it would make a great blip so when he got over the other side, he parked the car, got out and took a load of photos on his phone.  He said about fifteen other people had done the same.  Some with proper cameras and some just with their phones.  I bet there were a few blippers there :-))

All I have done is straighten the horizon and cropped a bit of wall from the right hand side, other than that, these are the colours as seen by the naked eye.  Utterly gorgeous.   And a joint effort blip.  I like that :-))

Alan slept till 11.30 this morning.  His cold is still a nuisance but he's cheery and willing to go out so he and Ashleigh spent the afternoon out and about.  He was full of the joys when he got back.

David still feels pretty miserable so he's had another early night.  I've done some ironing.   

 Hope you are keeping up with the excitement that is my life :-))

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