An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Sixty-seven sleeps...

67 and you know what, I'm not even panicking.

Normally by this time of year I am fairly organised for C********.   Cards bought, some gifts bought, lists written, but this year I can't quite get my head round that we're in October.   It still feels like it should be June to me.

And, given the building work, I feel I have the perfect excuse this year to make minimum effort and just stay chilled, relax and enjoy.

I've already made the decision that I am only sending out a handful of Christmas cards this year and donating what it would normally cost to buy and post them, to charity.

There's no point in buying gifts and having them lying around, they're just going to get covered in brick dust from the building work.  Yes, I think everyone will get the gift of choice this year - good old vouchers :-))

I'm concentrating more on David's 50th birthday in December.  He deserves a really special something but I just can't think what it will be!   

Discovered at dinner time last night that as well as his horrible cold, Alan's got bacterial conjunctivitis in both eyes.  Got antibiotic drops this morning that have to be given every two hours for the first two days.  

Just about to give him the next dose.  What a palaver!  He thinks it's funny to sit still with his eyes open then just as the drop is about to go in, he starts flailing as though I'm trying to drown him, arms and legs flying everywhere!    Honestly it's like wrestling a tiger!  Hilarious :-)

He's still cheery though despite his ailments.  Man-flu is for wimps according to him :D 

PS This wee Christmas tree hangs from the centre light in Alan's living room.  Anna brought it from Spain in the summer.  It really is Christmas every day in our house :D 

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