An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Fond Farewell...

Final breakfast with S & L and the girls this morning before they headed off on the long journey home.

Before they left there was time for Anna to pose for me one last time (see extra) and to take some selfies on my phone.  We also played a game or two of Candy Crush before I got a final cuddle with baby Faith who was full of giggles and blethers.

We waved them off just after midday and as we came back inside the house suddenly seemed very empty.  Then we heard Alan's Christmas music coming from his sitting room and normal service was resumed.

We had a visit from Alan's new dietician this afternoon.  She is very nice and sensible and is delighted with Alan's progress with regards to his weight gain since he commenced peg feeding in 2016, as well as the overall improvement in his health since then, and after his ileostomy.  Life without ulcerative colitis is definitely great for him.  

After her visit Alan went for a swim and David went to the driving range.  I was supposed to do some ironing but I decided to sit quietly and read for little while actually I nodded off!

Easy dinner as we had leftovers from last night's curry.  Contemplating an early night as a busy weekend ahead.  Friend and ex-work colleague coming for lunch tomorrow, David's at a stag night in Newcastle on Saturday then we're off to a 90th birthday afternoon tea on Sunday.  


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