An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Subdued Splendour...


With each gust of wind our Japanese maple is stripped of more of its leaves, its beautiful leafy gown gone for another year.  I must gather some of its leaves up for a macro session before they all disappear.

Well I am delighted to report that we had another peaceful night with Lola.  No barking, not even a whine and was still sound asleep when the alarm went off.  Infact she was so quiet when David went downstairs I was convinced something was wrong.  You know that awful feeling of dread you get?  I was so relieved when I heard her greeting him.

A day of getting bits and pieces done.  Willie the painter is powering his way through the house.  Now at Alan's end so he is having to get up early.  He is not as grumpy as I thought he'd be as he knows once this is all done he will get into his new sitting room and he's really looking forward to that.

All the flotsam and jetsam from Alan's bedroom is currently cluttering up his current sitting room and the hallway.  There will definitely be a clear out before stuff gets put back.

Friends Gail and Brian are coming for dinner tomorrow night (and bringing their gorgeous 2 year old black lab Boris.  Lola will be happy :-) and I have been very organised re. dinner.  Soup made this evening (spicy carrot and red lentil) and Tesco delivery coming tomorrow morning.  Making a beef and red wine casserole which is a chuck everything in one dish and stick in oven dish, with sweet potato mash and green beans.  Baby meringues, strawberries and strawberry Greek yogurt for dessert.  All easy peasy.

Re. the landscaping of the side garden, as well as discovering our fence posts are rotten, we have decided the rest of the fence doesn't look much better so don't have much choice other than replace it.  Oh well, there goes the contingency.

Asked Bruce the landscaper for his thoughts on what type of fence he would replace it with and he has given us a brilliant suggestion that will suit the work he's already doing.  I'm glad as it would have been awful to have this lovely new garden surrounded by a horrible old fence.  

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