Gatecrasher Classical

I performed at gatecrasher classical at Sheffield arena, full orchestra and choir led by Andy booth conductor on the left, wow what an experience! Other soloists were Maxi Jazz from Faithless, my friend Peyton, Marcella Woods, and Nina James.

It was incredibly stressful because I was only asked to do it three days ago so I had three songs to learn, luckily it was only the chorus on two of them and one verse and chorus on the other, but still two of them I had never heard before. They sent me DJ mock ups with vocals of what I had to learn which I listen to on repeat for two days and then at midnight the night before the gig I finally got the orchestra mock ups so I listen to those all the way to Sheffield on the train.

We didn’t have a sound check and we only had one run through of the entire show, I did have a chance to have a chat with Andy afterwards, I sang sunrise by Ratty, home by
Coast 2 Coast and You’re Not Alone by Olive, The third one was the hardest because there was nothing for me to pitch the melody of the first two, in the end I spoke the first line until I can get my bearings, ideally if there had been any time to prepare and listen to the music I would’ve asked for a code to be inserted there.

Anyway It was alright on the night as they say! It was a spectacular show and the orchestra and choir were absolutely amazing!

I should’ve dressing room with the lovely Nina James who had her equally lovely daughter Simone with her, I had not met her before she is super nice and her voice is incredible.

Peyton and I have known each other for quite some time and it was lovely to see him again and to have him on this gig, we supported each other a lot in the run-up to it exchanging texts and messages of nerves and encouragement.

Marcella Woods is a lovely lady to and I have met her several times before and years ago we did a festival together in Ireland with Giants Causeway together, it was lovely to reconnect with her.

Maxi jazz was brilliant, I didn’t get an opportunity to chat to him but he was very gracious on stage and only too happy to pose for group photographs with us all, he was very complimentary too.

It is amazing working with an orchestra and choir, only the second time I’ve done it, the first time being when I sang the theme tune to gravity live in Vienna.

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