By strawhouse

Little Miss Purple Hat

Miss L got moved up to Purple Hats weeks ago but she hasn't been to a lesson yet.  Wednesday night at 5.30pm was no good - we kept forgetting about it! So we changed it to Friday night. But haven't been able to go because of matches and cruises. Whoops!! But tonight we made it! A quick trip to the cafe at Miss E's school and then to the pool.
She got a bit upset beforehand and didn't want to go - wailing that everyone else looked so much bigger and older, her tummy hurt, she didn't know the teacher, she hates swimming and she NEVER wants to go!!!!!
A quick hug and she happily skipped off to join in. Crazy girl!!
I spent most of the day watching people cook on TV. So nice to have a lazy quiet day after a busy week..

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