Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

On golden pond

It was another beautiful sunny day again today - a bit cooler than yesterday's 20C but still lovely weather. I spent the morning doing admin and emails and then after lunch I decided to pop in at Claremont Landscape Gardens, a NT property very close to me. Oh dear, good weather and half term meant the car park was full and there were so many little children running about. It's a sure sign of getting old when you find screaming children annoying!

I had planned to take photos of the autumn colours but they are no where near their peak yet, the colours around here seem to be much later than other places, especially the oak trees which are still perfectly green. I then decided to take photos of the lovely black swan, and when he swam into the part of the pond that was reflecting the one golden tree I knew it had to be my shot for the day! I had fun taking photos of him until a group of small children came up to him and were screaming at the top of their voices at the swan and throwing clumps of soil and pebbles at him - eventually when the mother saw the disgust on my face she tried to stop their bad behaviour. 

We all enjoyed the new Johnny English move last night, it was what we expected with some silly moments but still we had some really good laughs. I imagine the cast had fun making at it, I doubt they could keep a straight face at some of Rowan Atkinson's facial expressions. Then back home in time to see the final episode of The, a bit of a twist at the end and finally a BBC production that had a conclusive ending. 

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