By davidc

Tiny Tuesday: "Entrants Choose" Challenge

I found this in one of my collections of "this-will-be-useful-for-a-blip-sometime" objects. I'm pretty sure it's the lacy remains of the shell of a Cape Gooseberry fruit - we had one of those in a pot 2-3 years ago but it only survived for one summer.

Anyway it's only 2 cm across so I thought it would be OK for today's Tiny Tuesday challenge. I actually photographed it on a piece of black fabric, but it's illuminated mainly by the sun shining through the red curtains in my study, hence the rosy appearance.

WWombat is running this Tiny Tuesday as an "Entrants Choose" challenge, so we have to remember to register our vote by Thursday - see her page here.

Thanks so much to everyone who starred, hearted or commented on my MonoMonday blip yesterday - you got my Zaphod Beeblebrox onto Page 2 of Popular - I'm most grateful!

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