Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Whoa! I'm Outta Here!

The butterfly, a clouded sulphur I think, was nectaring with a few other small pollinators when in zoomed what I initially took to be a bee, but then decided was probably one of the bee fly insects that like to pretend they're bees. In any case - the butterfly abruptly decided to move on to a different flower.

Lots of small pollinators on the chrysanthemums made for a more than satisfactory Tiny Tuesday photoshoot. This particular shot made me laugh when I saw it, which meant it had to be my blip for the day.

Leaving tomorrow morning for Ecuador! Which means my blip will more than likely have to be a quickie iPhone shot from one of the four airports I'll be visiting. We don't get to Guayaquil until 10:17 PM - so there's not going to be any time for actually looking for a nice blip tomorrow that doesn't involve an airport. Of course, one should never say "never!" Time will tell.

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