Holiday souvenir

I feel in limbo at the moment - I guess its jet lag.  No idea what time it is or what day it is.  No energy - and no motivation to leave the house.  So I spent the day quietly at home mostly catching up with TV programmes - and eating.  I brought home some foodie gifts and souvenirs so I have been enjoying a selection of different chocolate bars, maple syrup on my toast  and peanut butter pretzels.  ( The pretzels are so tasty.  I'm glad they aren't available here as I wouldn't be able to resist buying them ). 

I weighed myself this morning - to find I have gained 12 pounds while I was away.  No surprise considering what I have eaten.  But having good food is part of the holiday experience so I don't regret eating everything that was on offer.  I can safely say I enjoyed every bite.

For Tiny Tuesday I have chosen to blip a pair of earrings I bought when we visited The Maine Coastal Gardens. They are made in Maine from polymer clay. Thanks to Walking Wombat for hosting the challenge.

Steps today 2,200

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