By Veronica

Autumn fruits

Howling gales all night ... it must have been cold, as Mystère leapt onto the bed in the middle of the night and insisted on lying on top of me. In combination with three-way tussles over inadequate bedclothes and a feline demand for breakfast at 7:30, this meant I didn't sleep all that well. 

Never mind; to the market with I this morning. I haven't been for a few weeks; a few regular stallholders had stayed away because of the wind, but then so had customers, so it was nice to stroll around admiring autumn produce without the jostling crowds of summer, before stopping for a coffee chez Claudine. I didn't buy any pomegranates (they grow wild here!), or any of the many fine squashes on display, but I did buy new-season walnuts and couldn't resist a whole tray of figs for 2 euros. Now baked in the oven with muscat for enjoyment later in the week, as we're invited chez A and B this evening.

Edit: and on this day last year, a different market blip!

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