By Memories4Me

Income of the Farm

Dear Diary,

It's been some time since I did a family history post.  This is a page from my great-great grandfather's common book dated 1860.  I suspect it was recorded in the late fall, as was the custom.  It is so interesting to see what things cost 158 years ago...20 barrels of apples for $23.00 and 2 loads of pumpkins for $2.50.  I collaged a photo of him, on the left, bottling wine at the farm in later years.  I have his side table, with his will in the drawer leaving it to my grandfather, and his horse hair traveling case which has his initials on top in hammered nails.  

We got about 2 inches of snow yesterday, no turn over to rain unfortunately.  They even plowed the roads!  Hopefully things will be warming up today and it will melt...hopefully.

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